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Download Komik Detektive Conan Indonesia Language

Shinichi Kudo, a 17-year-old high school detective who usually helps the police solve the case, was attacked by two mysterious syndicate member when watching an extortion. He was then given to drink a mysterious poison that you just developed to kill him. However, due to a rare side effects are not known members of the syndicate, the toxin resulted in his body shrunk like a child aged seven years after they leave.

To conceal his identity and to investigate the state of the syndicate, hereinafter known as the Organisation in black or Black Organization, he disguises his name to Conan Edogawa. To find traces of the syndicate, he stayed with a friend since childhood, Ran Mouri, whose father, Kogoro Mouri, is a private detective. He attended elementary school and formed the Group Teitan Detective Mix with 3 classmates, namely: Ayumi Yoshida, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, and Genta Kojima. Although his body shrinking, it remains to solve the case. Usually, she completed the cases by imitating the sound Kogoro Mouri with a tool that was created by a neighbor, Professor Agasa. Kogoro Mouri, a detective who is rather stupid, initially confused on the ability to solve the case of a sudden increase. But, then he was not surprised because he was happy that his fame increased. Ran Mouri had several times suspect that Conan is Shinichi, but due to the ingenuity of Conan, Ran is also believed that Conan is not Shinichi.

Komik Lengkap Detective Conan Indonesia Language

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Fairy Tail

A young magician, Lucy Heartfilia, wandering to state of Fiore to joint with Fairy Tail Guild. when on the way, she meets with Natsu Dragneel, a young man who is being look for the dragon that its name is Igneel, together with his friend, Happy. A few moments after meeting of them, Lucy cheated by Bora Prominence of, that incognito as Salamander of Fairy Tail, to be sold as slave. Natsu saves Lucy and informes him that he is the original Salamander and has ability of Fire Dragon Slayer magic. Natsu offers Lucy to joint with Fairy Tail, that is accepted by Lucy conveniently, and they are merged into team to run various missions for the guild of Fairy Tail.

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This story is started with life a student of SMA that his name is Ichigo Kurosaki in Karakura Town that can see the soul. In the beginning Ichigo only can see the ordinary soul from someone who have died, but that all change when one day he meets with a dressy woman of black kimono in his chamber. The woman is a shinigami that her name is Rukia Kuchiki. Her Arrival because of strength of spiritual a hollow, a unrighteous soul. that hollow suddenly comes and attacks family of Ichigo because feels strength of big Ichigo’s spiritual.
And then Ichigo involved in fight with hollow that have hurted his family, although Rukia who ought to fight against the hollow has prohibit Ichigo before. Because disability of Ichigo to defeat the hollow, as a result Rukia injure hard when trying to help Ichigo.
To defeat that hollow there’s only one way, that is by loaning some of strength of Rukia’s shinigami to Ichigo. Unhappily in that process happened involuntary, Ichigo take all strength of Rukia spiritual and makes him losing of strength of shinigami. As a result, then Ichigo transform as shinigami and defeat the hollow.

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Download Komik Naruto Indonesia Language

Thirteen year before this story was started, a tide nine fox monster that called Kyuubi attacked Konoha, a countryside of shinobi that located in Fire state. Chaos happened in countryside of Konoha and eating many victim, finally there was a someone that successed seal that Kyuubi to Naruto’s body, a someone that success seal unvisiblely of tide nine fox monster known Yondaime Hokage, Hokage 4th or Namikaze Minato who none other than Naruto’s father. What a strength of Kyuubi so that sealed have to be paid with death of Yondaime Hokage alone.

Thirteen year later, there is a boy who named Naruto Uzumaki who often create the scene in countryside of Konoha. Naruto does that thing because wishing attention from countryside resident that avoiding him because there is fox in his body. And then Naruto is cozenaged by a defector to steal secret roll of Hokage 3th ( Sarutobi Hokage), artless Naruto do that and succeed to steal and also study a thousand shadow thecnick. After he knows that he is exploited, Naruto refuse to give the roll. And then Naruto is helped by his teacher ‘Iruka’ who is favorite teacher of Naruto. He is one who first time confess existence of Naruto, because first learn Iruka have experienced of same thing that is life without old fellow, and always blanketed is solitary.

Dkomik Lengkap Naruto Indonesia Language

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